Erie High School Has Its First Spring Fest

Hannah Osmann, Co-Editor in Chief

Spirit week this spring, also known as spring fest, was a battle between the classes. Over the duration of the whole week all four classes earned points in hopes of winning. In the end, the junior class won.


Each day was equipped with a different competition: Monday was a prep rally during school, which had different smaller competitions for the whole school to watch; Tuesday was Mr. Tiger, a beauty pageant for the boys at Erie High School to show off their style; Wednesday was a color run after school, in which students would compete for class points; Thursday was a neon basketball game; and Friday was Erie High School’s first ever powder puff game,   a flag football game in which the Junior and Senior girls compete against each other.


Daelyn Thasiah, the Senior class president at Erie High says, “So, we normally have a winter dance. We were going to have a color fusion, which is sort of a color rave dance. But, just because of Covid and stuff we couldn’t. So right when we found out that we couldn’t, We were just like, ‘oh well, let’s do something more.’” 


Though this year’s spirit week was more unplanned than some of the other events Erie High does, the student government believes that it is important for the students. “It’s important because it’s kind of what you expect StuGo to do. Like, our thing is kind of like homecoming week, you kind of just expect that to happen. But, then there’s not a whole lot going on during the rest of the year.” Emily Frech, the junior class president says. 


Though the student government had been planning this week for months prior to spring fest, for many students at Erie High School it came as a surprise. It can be counted as a success. STUGO believes that there are ways that it can improve for next year. Mia Martinez, the sophomore class president says, “I think people should know that if you participate it would be a lot more fun. Because, if the whole school was doing it would be a lot more entertaining first of all, and second of all it would be a lot more fun.”