How Deep Is Your Love? Erie Choir Is Here With Singing Valentines


Thalia Burd

Topaz and CR5 arranged in a heart to show their love for the Choir and Erie High School

Paige Gilbert, Senior Staff Writer

On the morning of February 14th the two auditioned choirs, CR5 and Topaz, were putting together final preparations for their gift to the student body:, Singing Valentines. With eight groups composed of both of the choirs and all grade levels, there was plenty of music and love to go around all day long.


Though the day is not everyone’s favorite, and it is cheesy to some, senior Mykalya Garcia says that, “Singing Valentines is a unique way of showing affection or love for one another. Performing them is wonderful, plus it is a joy to embarrass the people we sing to and give all our energy to them!”


When it comes to deciding what songs are going to be performed and what to wear, deep thought is put into their performance to make it as successful as possible. “We choose certain songs that are affectionate and fun. While creating acapella arrangements of these songs it is important to pick songs that work with that,” Garcia explains, “afterwards we decide as a group on what we want to wear in order to be cohesive as a group.”  

Mikayla Garcia and her group preforming Dance With Me and Treasure (Unknown)

Lexi Schindler has found herself on stage the majority of her life. Racking up four lead positions in the school musicals here at Erie, and receiving a position in St. Vrain Honor choir and all state choir, her resume is full of talent. Schindler explains that this type of event, “Is not only a way to raise money for the choir programs and expenses, but is to bring a smile to everyone’s faces and build up excitement throughout the school, and with doing that we raised around $1,100 for the program this Valentine’s Day!”


Garcia and Schindler both expressed how much love the day brings to the student body, and how beneficial it is to everyone involved. Garcia explains that, “Even though some students hate being sung to, they always leave their seat with a smile bigger than when they first sat down and that is all that really matters.”