The Marvelous Wonderettes

Jamisen Helmer, Staff Writer

If you’re into watching Broadway shows, musicals, and plays like I am, you know how easy it is to get into watching the actors come to life through their characters. They keep your interest, taking you along their journey as the story unfolds. 


Time, thought, and energy goes into the backstage assembly of a play without us even realizing it.  I wanted to hear from the perspective of those amazing people that worked behind the scenes to get “The Marvelous Wonderettes” up and running and from one of the actors who watches it all unfold.


Mackenzie Ross, a member of the stage production team, stated, “My favorite part about being behind the scenes is getting to see every piece come together and watch the small things that you make, get used.”


Mackenzie Ross has had previous experience in play production “I have done general technical theatre which is a lot of painting, putting programs together, building sets, and helping out where needed. But my main role [is] lighting, which I did for Fiddler on the Roof, One Acts, and then our recent show: The Marvelous Wonderettes, where I program our lighting system and run cues during shows. I also, however, did props for the Wonderettes for the first time.  I built, bought, borrowed, and managed all forty-seven props used in the show!” 


Claire Huber plays Betty Jean, one of the four Wonderettes. She’s the tomboy/class clown of the group, but throughout the show she opens up.


Huber added on about the work behind the scenes noting, “My favorite part of being behind the scenes is the relationships that you form with other company members. Those bonds are always so strong, and I love watching everyone’s hard work come together to make something wonderful.”


A lot of people are intimidated when it comes to deciding if they should join but, 

You don’t need to be able to act, sing, or dance to be a part of something “Marvelous”.  Getting involved behind the scenes is just as important and gratifying as being on stage.


Ross continued, “I personally don’t know much about the audition process or how to sing or read music, so I prefer to help put the background aspect together or do it. I also have rough anxiety and being in a new position while people are watching is out of my comfort zone for the time being.”  For now, Ross contributes to the production with her expertise and knowledge.


Bringing the “behind the scenes” work together with the actors in the production requires a lot of dedication, time, and collaboration with one another.  Everyone’s commitment and contribution is important.  Through the cooperation and partnerships of the cast and crew, we, the audience, get to enjoy the incredible end result of their hard work!  


Cheers to the company of The Marvelous Wonderettes! 

Photos by Jillian Briganti