Erie Academy of Aerospace and Engineering: Prepping You For The Future


Joe Green, Staff Writer


Of all the things to consider when picking classes for high school, many students think the most important is finding classes that both satisfy your interests and your life after high school. The Erie Academy of Aerospace and Engineering are very hands-on classes that help students with college and their career, but also their hobby. The Engineering program is something that is unique to Erie High school. 


The Erie Academy of Aerospace and Engineering is for students who want to take one or two classes just to try it out, and students who want to take one of the engineering pathways. The Engineering Pathways can give you a pin, certificate, or diploma. These are the different degrees of recognition that you can earn during your time in the program.


The Engineering Certificate is for students who complete eight semesters of engineering classes. The Engineering Diploma is for students who complete eight semesters of engineering classes as well as certain AP or honors classes and maintain a 3.5 GPA or higher.


“So let’s say you really want to be an aerospace engineer at CU. This is a great way to get a leg up on all the other students who may be applying” says Timothy Schuett, the engineering teacher.


He said, “The emphasis is on developing students’ engineering knowledge in tandem with their project management abilities that culminates in our senior design course.” 


Senior design is a year long engineering project that is entirely student led. Students must balance a budget and meet deadlines just like they would in a real engineering company. This is, according to Timothy Schuett, one of the “challenges of engineering.” 


Some students may want to try out an engineering class to see if they like it. Those students can take TE120 Introduction to Engineering. This class covers the basics of the different areas of engineering such as mechanical, electrical and civil engineering.. 


Joe Fott, a student who enjoyed this class, recalls, “One fun project was designing a mounting bracket for the teacher’s deck using Xdesign and 3D printers in class.” He added that, “there was not too much homework,” and he would, “take another class because it was fun, interesting, and challenging.” 


 Fott says the best part of the class was, “being able to use tools like laser cutters and 3D printers for projects. It’s preparing you for your future, if you are interested in high paying jobs in the engineering field.”