Evan Harbaugh: An Impact Player

Brendan Murphy, Senior Staff Writer

This season the Tiger Men’s Soccer program has had an explosive season on the backs of several star players. One of the most impactful among the bunch is senior forward, Evan Harbaugh.

The team won their last season game against Holy Family, propelling them to 9-1 which will secure a playoff berth. Heading into the playoffs, Harbaugh has had a fantastic season with four goals and four assists.

Harbaugh stated, “It feels great being able to have the impact as a senior this year, and helping the team get on the right path of winning games.”

This is a special season for Harbaugh especially since he has been playing at the varsity level since he was a freshman. He has played soccer since a young age and really found himself playing his best at forward.

Blake Nemeth who is also a senior on the soccer team added, “[Harbaugh] is such an important component to the team and a leader on and off the field. He is able to help others understand what to do in situations.” Nemeth also mentioned how his experience has been playing with Harbaugh for all these years. “I’ve known him for years and he is such a nice person to be around with his positive attitude and uplifting charisma.”

Harbaugh said, “It’s been a great experience. The first day of freshman year feels like yesterday and I’ve grown a lot with the team seeing how the culture throughout the school has changed. Everybody seems to have the same mindset of love for soccer which is so refreshing to see.”

Harbaugh sees a bright future in the team and sees some of himself in the freshman players on the team this year living that same experience that he did three years ago.

The team will be tested in the first round of the playoffs as they will try to have an unforgettable end to Harbaugh’s final season of soccer.