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Finals are Over. Now What?

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Faith Chatten, Senior Staff Writer

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As many people are getting ready to celebrate the holidays and ring in the new year, high school students are just finishing their finals for the first semester, and are ready to celebrate with two weeks off of school for Winter break. It’s finally Friday, finals are over, and jubilation has permeated the school hallways


After being cooped up in libraries with their faces in textbooks, desperately cramming all week long, many students are finding ways to just relax and have fun by Friday afternoon. In case you missed the memo or haven’t had time to make plans yet, here is what other students plan to do:


One of the most popular ways to celebrate this semester coming to a close is a fun night out doing things such as going shopping or going out to dinner with some friends. Some places that have been recommended for dinner are The Med in Boulder, Salt the bistro in Boulder, 24 Carrot Bistro in Erie, or the Cheesecake Factory in Pearl Street. All of these places have great food, a great atmosphere, and are in the perfect location to take a stroll and check out the local stores.


Another way people are celebrating is by either going to parties or hosting them. Erie High School student Alia Brand states that she will be attending her friend’s “annual Christmas Tea Party. She hosts one every year on the last day of finals and it’s a great time to reconnect with old friends and just relax.” Alia also added that she will be celebrating finishing her last finals by buying herself a “celebratory pastry (or multiple).”


There are many festive things that can occupy your Friday afternoon as well such as ice skating, tree cutting and decorating, caroling, and cookie baking. If you are someone who has been so busy studying for finals that you forgot about the holiday season, this is the perfect way to get in the mood for some festive cheer.


Lastly, if going out somewhere seems too exhausting after a long week of strenuous tests, there is always the option of staying home for some quiet relaxation. Whether you are home alone, with family, or with friends, there is nothing like a quality Netflix binge watch after being deprived all week for finals.


Take a break. Have some fun. Sleep a lot. Happy holidays.

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Finals are Over. Now What?