Chalk It Up to Experience- Erie Students Give Back to Staff Members

Hannah Goldman, Assistant Editor

In recognition of all of the hard work and dedication of the Erie High School staff, Teens with Wings decided to surprise them with chalk drawings at the entrance of the high school on Sunday, August 30th.

Senior Teens with Wings leader Amy Norris, who organized the event, commented, “I felt that it was important to find a way to give back to the staff, especially with all of the extra work they are putting in because of online school.”

The Teens with Wings volunteers wrote uplifting messages and drew positive drawings for the staff to read when they enter the front of the building.

Senior member Kyli Decker commented, “Writing positive messages saying, ‘We appreciate you’ lets the staff know that we see all that they do for us and that we are grateful for them,” Decker continued, “I felt happy that we got to show our teachers how much we love and support them. Doing online classes is not easy and these messages can help brighten their day.”

“I wrote and drew encouraging messages for our staff. I drew balloons, hearts, and thank yous,” explained senior member Megan Rackov, “I am very thankful for our staff and felt happy that I had the opportunity to encourage and make them feel supported.”Inspiring chalk drawing by Megan Rackov

While the majority of volunteers were returning Teens with Wings members, there were some new faces. Freshman member Claire Huber explained that the event motivated her to join the club. “It felt good to brighten the staff members’ days because they are doing a lot for us, especially right now,” Huber continued, “this event gave me an interest in joining Teens with Wings and I will definitely be participating in future events that they do!”

The entrance to the school is now full of ‘thank yous’ and other positive messages full of color.  Norris explained, “the only thing I wished from the event was to be able to see the staffs’ faces as they walk into school on Monday.”

Not only were the drawings full of positive messages, but tiger pride. Decker explained, “We made sure to draw paw prints to show that even at home we are all in this together.”

Dedicated to spreading joy and positivity among the Erie community, Teens with Wings did a great job of bringing joy to the Erie High School staff.