New Sport; Chhat Pa

April 11, 2019

Who loves sports? Extreme sports? What about off the hook crazy, extreme Indian originated sports?! Well I have the sport for you.

Chhat Pa is a sport that is much like any other sport, and its creators wanted to take hokey to the next level. Pranay Nandan and Abhinay created Chhat Pa in 2014. They both grew up in Arrah India and I’m sure they have many passions and dreams, maybe even important backstories. How fascinating is that?

Imagine this on a roof!


Now that we know about Chhat Pa is a team sport of 10 players requiring a lot of stamina and skills. Chhat Pa is played on what is called a  bhojpuri (which means on the roof), as it was created while “sitting on the roof”. It is played on a small field of 6 by 6 meters. The court of this sport has a mid line with two goal posts that are about three feet high. By using the posts a player can rebound the ball, and even wack another player off the roof.


And the only equipment needed to play is a 45 to 50 cm long stick and a cloth ball! But how does a game go? Well, one player from each side can play at a time. The team who won the toss will choose the side and take the first strike. “After striking the ball, if it goals then the team will get one point and opposite player will get out.” And if the opposite player defends the strike and converts it into a goal by counter attacking his team will get one point and the striker will out. How cool are sports?


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