Marylin Addington’s yearbook picture from 2018

Marylin Addington’s yearbook picture from 2018

Mrs. Addington, Thank You.

November 14, 2018

On Thursday, November 9, 2018, Marilyn Addington, the study hall monitor has retired after four years of dedication to Erie High School.

Addington first began teaching in 1977, when she worked at an elementary school with fourth and sixth graders in Rawlins, Wyoming. The majority of her teaching years were spent in a middle school, where she taught math and English. When Addington decided to leave the classroom, she became an Instructional Coach and served as the Special Education Director for the Carbon County School District. One of the most memorable things Addington recalls from her earlier teaching days are, “Each generation has different issues. In 1977, we had kids that knew what the Vietnam war was like without even being in the war. Now it’s kids fighting for equality and actively protesting.”

Later in her career, Addington decided her 35 years of work in Wyoming should come to a stop. “While I am ready to retire from Wyoming, I am not ready to leave education and am grateful for the opportunity to join the EHS community,” Addington added. For four years she aided in homework supervision and tutoring. Addington was voted Erie Angel of the Year in 2017, and is a huge advocate for all extra curricular activities. If the Erie Football team, Student Government, Teens With Wings, and the Erie Theater Department all had one thing in common, it would be Mrs. Addington as their biggest supporter.

One of the things Addington appreciated about Erie is that “The community really cares about other students.” She has been to quite a few other schools, but has never seen staff members so tightly dedicated to the same mission and sharing the same amount of passion and success as with Erie’s students. Paul Stecina, the Dean of Students here at Erie High School spoke nothing but good words of Addington the day she retired. “Mrs. Addington brought a level of professionalism to study hall so that it would not be just a place to hang out and socialize. She took a deep interest in how kids were doing in their classes and worked hard to make sure they were on-track,” explains Stecina.

“I have plans to hopefully come back and substitute, but it is time for me to spend time with my grandkids and to just relax,” noted Addington.

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