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A Morbid Curiosity

Jaxon Higgins, Staff Writer

April 8, 2019

Filed under Opinion, Philosophy, Science, World

            Science is based on the idea that knowledge will never fully be obtained, that there is a perpetual search for truth. This, unfortunately, often becomes the bane of scientists around the globe, in every culture. This search for truth has a tendency to blind researchers to both the practicality, and morality of the means by which they acquire it. When a scientist’s curiosity is peaked, it will, more often than not, outweigh any other factors associated with the subject, no matter how vital.

How to Get to the Center of the Earth (Theoretically)

Dillon Huselton, Staff Writer

November 29, 2018

Filed under Science

    What is under the surface of the Earth? This question has been asked for lifetimes, and science has a pretty good idea, but we have never actually seen the center of our planet. So let’s go to the center...

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