Is College Worth It?

Picture  from The Graphics Fairy

Picture from The Graphics Fairy

Hannah Osmann, Staff Writer

Teens and adults everywhere ask themselves whether or not college is worth it. Between handling tuition, applying, and knowing your future, answering that question can be tricky. 

More than half of all jobs do not require a college education. No one gets anywhere in life without hard work. If one aspires to go to college to slack off and not hold themselves accountable for their actions or grades, then why waste anyone’s time in going to college in the first place? 

Many high-paying jobs require a college education. You cannot be a lawyer, doctor, or more without going to college. In 2015, on average, college graduates earned 56% more than high school graduates. College can be something that holds you accountable, but as well as be a necessary step to getting ahead of the game in certain fields of work. 

Another factor is income and how much money you may have saved for college. College is very expensive, and some would argue that it is too expensive. They would say that it is too costly to be taking classes that would be unnecessary in your career and adult lives. 

Many people can not afford college on their own, and opt to pull a student loan. The average student loan debt is $32,721, and can take years to pay off. Then if you ever aspire to earn a master’s degree or even higher, the debt grows. Over time, this problem can be less daunting if you have a high-paying job, so that more of your money can go to student loan debt. Even then it might not feel like you are making as much money, because it is going to student loans. While the person who did not go to college is paying less over the same period while making up to in some cases up to the same amount of money. 

Some people are fortunate enough to have worked hard in high school, whether that be through sports and or academically. Though in many situations college may not be necessary, in situations like those, up to all four years of college are being rewarded to those who earned it, because you have proven that you can work hard. 

There are ways around college for certain careers like writing, business, and some computer and web jobs. For some, even when a degree is not needed, employers may require specialized programs. Others may require certain degrees or years of experience.. Other times when college is necessary is when a degree is needed for a promotion within a company. College in many cases is necessary, and a useful tool when it comes to rising through a company and having a gold star on a resume. Though in some cases experience, hard work, and talent can be just as important in showing that you have what it takes to do well and rise above adversities, like not being able to go to University. 

It is the hard work and determination that bears fruit, not whether you have a degree under your belt. It is our ability to find ways to get through the obstacles in our way that makes us stand out from a crowd, and in more cases than not, there are high-paying jobs that do not require a degree. That only means that you may have to work that much harder to be in the same position, or even beating out the competition. College is not everything, and neither is a success, though both may go hand in hand, and both are important.