Junior Class President Candidates

Tillie Mendoza, Staff Writer

Name: Alexander Collard 

Campaign Social Media Platforms: @alex_collard_jcp on Instagram. 

What They Do Outside of School: Outside of school, Alex likes to play football. 

Why They are Running for Office: Alex chose to run for office because he wants students to get the best high school experience that they can. He wants to ensure that they have the opportunity to create exciting memories, and for them to feel valued.

Campaign Slogan: “Alex, the sharp-dressed man with a plan”

Main Points of Campaign: The main points of Alex’s campaign are to plan events, be a voice for the students, and to encourage high school students to be active in their community. 

What They Want to Achieve in Office: Alex’s goal is to create clubs and extracurricular activities to cater to a variety of interests. Examples of this include fishing club, spike ball club, skateboarding club, poetry club, and more. He also wants to plan more events in Erie, to give back to his community outside of the school.

What They are Excited For: He is excited that he has an opportunity to step outside of his comfort zone in order to represent the class of 2023, and to finally create a peaceful environment where students can create meaningful high school memories. 

Why They are the Best Candidate: He is the best candidate for Junior Class President because he will build and maintain a relationship with the student body and take time to make all of their voices heard and recognized. 


Name: Piper Faller 

Campaign Social Media Platforms: @piper_faller_2021

What They Do Outside of School: Outside of school, Piper is currently volunteering in multiple ways, including the unified sports for kids with disabilities. She also enjoys physical activities such as lifting weights and sports in her free time. 

Why They are Running for Office: She is running to create a safer academic environment for everybody, and to help students find a place where they feel like they truly belong and expect to see positive changes.

Campaign Slogan: “I don’t run often, but when I do it’s for you!”

Main Points of Campaign: Piper is aiming to be the candidate who can be fun, while also being a good listener. She would be adding more clubs and extracurriculars to further make communities students can participate in and feel welcomed at. 

What They Want to Achieve in Office: In office, Piper would be ensuring exciting ideas for extracurricular activities that are realistic to approve, new themes for spirit weeks, and to make the class of 2023 feel safe at school. 

What They are Excited For: She is excited to return to school four days every week, and to get back to a sense of normalcy with plays, sporting events, and seeing her peers. 

Why They are the Best Candidate: Piper is the best candidate for next year because she is strong-willed, kind, and is determined to make Erie High School better than ever. She wants people to know that she is a good listener, whether that means giving advice as a friend or discussing solutions to school-wide problems. 


Name: Emily Frech 

Campaign Social Media Platforms: @emily4jcp on Instagram. 

What They Do Outside of School: Emily is a two-year member of Erie’s varsity poms team, she is in Rotary Club, Girls who Code, Kode with Klossy, and is a Link leader. 

Why They are Running for Office: Getting involved with student government this year helped her to see the passion among other students in the program and drove her to be more of a part of it as well. 

Campaign Slogan: “Let’s get back to better than normal”

Main Points of Campaign: Emily is using her campaign to advocate for mental health, representation and inclusion, and starting new school traditions the student body has never seen before. 

What They Want to Achieve in Office: In office, she hopes to start new programs such as a composting program, a program to help students coming back after a leave of absence to transition back to school smoothly, and new events or traditions, unlike anything the school has seen before. Her overall goal is to provide unique input to make a change and push for a year that will get students excited to be more involved in school. 

What They are Excited For: Emily is hoping to see her ideas come to life at the school, and see how her peer group will react to her plans. 

Why They are the Best Candidate: She feels that she can offer multiple perspectives on any discussion, be a candidate students can approach easily, and make sure she accurately represents the class of 2023’s voice.


Name: Aria Pickett

Campaign Social Media Platforms: None

What They Do Outside of School: Outside of school, Aria is involved in shooting lessons, Krav Maga, a worship team for her youth group, and is a mentor for 6th graders. She also enjoys singing and skiing. 

Why They are Running for Office: She wanted to run for office to push herself and her peers at Erie High School to develop more kindness. 

Campaign Slogan: Aria’s personal campaign slogan is “Kindness is the ticket, vote Aria Pickett.” The slogan she shares with her partner Alex is “Want a voice, we’re your choice! Vote Alex and Aria!”

Main Points of Campaign: She does not want to make any promises, because she is more concerned with fulfilling the class of 2023’s ideas for change. She and her team are advocating for kindness, encouragement, and open-minded understanding. Her campaign is a call to take opportunities and be willing to make a change. 

What They Want to Achieve in Office: Aria’s primary goal in office is to unite the student body and encourage them to look at how they treat the people around them. She wants to challenge the idea of being “too cool for kindness”, and set a new norm of treating everybody with compassion. 

What They are Excited For: She is excited to meet new people and make a big impact while she is running for Junior class President. Her end goal is not necessarily winning, it is being able to make as many positive changes as she can along the way, even if they end up being small. 

Why They are the Best Candidate: Aria’s personal belief is that there is no best candidate. She wishes the best for all of the qualified and passionate people running along with her and urges the class of 2023 to understand that the “best” candidate may look different to everybody. 

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