Athletes Perspective on the Changes to the Sports Season

Caleb Harner, Staff Writer

Sports have drastically changed since last year, and look completely different in the fall of 2020 due to Covid-19, athletes have had to face challenges this year that are unfamiliar and scary. 

Cross country, softball, boys golf, boys tennis, and most recently football and lacrosse, have had to follow guidelines and rules in order to play. Athletes have had to adapt and learn to play by these rules in both practices and games.

“Running at the same places gets kind of stale, and not very exciting… normally we would go to many different cities across the state and other states,” says cross country team captain Luke Fritsche. “I think it is good to have it in the fall, even if we have to wear masks and everything. The spring is for track and having the cross country season moved to the spring just would not work.” 

All athletes have had to face a shortage of games, races, and matches in order to play. With this athletes have had to learn to play in different situations and work around the Colorado High School Activities Association’s (CHSAA) guidelines to play.

Sophomore football player Karsten Hansen explains, “ … it just created a whole bunch of more trouble for people, they kept going back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, yes or no on the season being in the fall or the spring, because once they made that decision they should have just been like, this is my decision. We are not going back on it, and we are going to play this season in the spring. Unless the conditions get worse. But that’s what we’re gonna do right now.” 

CHSAA has set stricter rules on health, spectators, and masks, as well as shortening the seasons. 

“I do not mind [CHSAA’s rules] really, it is just frustrating with family members wanting to come and not being able to. But it is overall safer with COVID and it’s all just a precaution to be able to let us play, “ explains sophomore softball player Mia Johnston-Martinez. “I think this season is still as exciting as last year. Winning state was a great experience but I think it left everyone wanting more.”

Sports have looked completely different this year, with athletes having to follow strict guidelines, and having to get screened before every practice. The ability to play has made many students years much better, it has given them something to look forward to and a reason to try harder in class. With this, they have found a way to persevere and play what they love.