Class Registration

Nevaeh Stanesa, Copy Editor/ Senior Staff Writer

As the 2019-2020 school year begins to end, planning for continuing students comes into play! Erie students recently have registered for the 2020-21 school year. Alongside the current students, incoming freshman also took part in this yearly event to begin their high school journey. 


Although at the surface class registration seems easy and carefree, students do have many things to take into consideration when selecting classes. Credits, requirements, and prerequisites are all things students and counselors must take into account when selecting schedules for the upcoming year. 


Students must also take into consideration how rigorous they would like their classes to be. Erie offers a wide range of honors and AP classes. Although students are not required to take these classes, many will choose to take a more difficult route in order to prepare themselves for college. These classes include but are not limited to, AP Calculus, AP Statistics, AP Human Geography, and AP Literature. If any of these classes seem interesting to you, feel free to take them before you have to pay for them in college! Take advantage and get those credits out of the way! 


Credits are also something to take into account when signing up for the next school year. Erie High School has one of the highest credit requirements for graduation in the St. Vrain District. Even though it might seem impossible to achieve in four years, always check in with your counselors to see if you are on the right track and to check what you might be missing. Getting all of your credits is much easier than you think. 


Alongside getting your credits, do your best to plan in advance, as a senior I would advise you to cram in all the classes you can the first three years of high school so that senior year can be a breeze!


Another thing to watch out for is prerequisites, if you want to take a certain elective or science class these can sometimes come with required classes that you must take prior to that class. You can learn about these by either talking to a counselor or looking in a course book. 


Class registration can be a little difficult at times and sometimes confusing to navigate. Students, you have many resources to help guide you and figure out what classes you can and cannot take and possibly what classes are open that you didn’t know about! 


The Tiger Times wishes you luck next year with your new classes and signing up for classes in the future!