Mr. McCracken Returns to Colorado

Evan Welch, Senior Staff Writer

After 15 years of teaching in North Carolina Matt McCracken traveled 1,700 miles to teach at a new school in the state he was born, Colorado. 

As Erie continues to grow, the Erie High School student population increases. With more students coming to Erie High School than the previous graduating classes, the school needs to hire new teachers. One of the many new teachers they hired is Matt McCracken. He is teaching US History and AP US History (APUSH) and is replacing Ted Goodwin who taught for 13 years and retired at the end of last year. 

McCracken is a Colorado native who joined the Marines after high school and served for six years. When he retired from the Marines, he began a substitute teaching job at private schools around Hawaii. After six months of being a substitute he came back to Colorado and was a student teacher at Thomas Jefferson High School in Denver Public Schools. In 2004 he moved to North Carolina. He taught at Southern Alamance High School in Graham, NC for 15 years until he moved back to Colorado this year to work at Erie. 

While McCracken was in North Carolina he continued to learn more about US History due to his close proximity to several historical sites. McCracken enjoys learning more about US History by reading about the past and visiting historical sites, which were only a few hours away. “I could go to these places, I could go to D.C, see how it’s carved out. Go to Washington’s house [Mt Vernon, VA] , Jefferson’s [Monticello in Charlottesville, VA].”  

There are historical sites in Colorado, including the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, but fewer major places. North Carolina is one of the original 13 colonies. It is also closer to Virginia and South Carolina than Erie is with Utah and New Mexico’s major cities.  North Carolina was one of the original 13 Colonies and has been a main point for the Revolutionary and Civil War. Colorado was not colonized by the British and was founded by the USA. The 

state we live in does have historical sites, unfortunately there are less and have had a smaller effect on all of US History. This makes it harder to learn about history from locations including Molly’s Brown House, Fort Lupton, and the Stanley Hotel.

“It is about 60-100 applicants per one opening,” stated McCracken. Getting a spot in any high school in Boulder County and the western part of Weld County is difficult even though jobs are needed at the schools. These areas are wealthier than some of the surrounding areas. More people would rather work here then in those places, making them all apply here. 

Mr. McCracken has been all over the US including both of the Coasts. He is now excited to teach in the state he was born.