Emotions Were High at the Erie High Class of 2019 Graduation


Mya Jordan, Staff Writer

The winds came in strong, as did the proud tears of the parents at Erie High School’s graduation ceremony on May 25.

The Class of 2019 isn’t a small one, leaving the field and bleachers full of family members from all parts of the country. They were all clearly excited, too, as one family in particular held a large picture of their graduate’s face on a stick, which they waved around proudly.

Though the first hour of the event consisted of only speeches and introductions, they were all done well. Speeches done by students were well-spoken and it was evident that they were genuine, and that was no less the case for the faculty. Beloved teacher Julie Mitchell’s speech struck the crowd’s hearts as she spoke about her history with the Class of 2019 and her admiration for their talents and abilities.

In-between speeches, there were also a few minutes dedicated to students taking a heartwarming, emotional moment with their parents in their caps and gowns. That was when parents’ eyes began to water and the field was filled with students holding their proud family members in their arms.

As names were being called, it became clear that this was a large class. Still, it was a popular one, with unique, recognizable students, therefore the names being called weren’t ones to go in one ear and out the other. Every student received a decent cheer from the crowd as they were being invited to the stage, some being nearly deafening as the attending families had been waiting 18+ years for this moment. Even though it was painful, it’s hard to be upset with those families’ joy.

The ceremony lasted two hours. It ended with the announcement from Principal Matthew Buchler stating that the Class of 2019 could officially call themselves Erie High School alumni, soon followed by every graduate tossing their caps into the air.

From that moment on, Erie High School moved forward yet another memorable senior class onto the next chapter of their lives.