Add These Songs to Your Spring and Summer Playlist


Cover art for “Falling” by Mansionair

Mya Jordan, Staff Writer

As Spring is already halfway over and the end of school is creeping up, summertime plans are the topic of everyone’s conversations. With the warm weather come the road trips, more time to spend with friends, and days spent at the pool or beach, all of which could be even better with a good playlist.

1. “Falling” by Mansionair

With soft vocals and plucked acoustic guitar strings, Mansionair’s “Falling” is easily a classic go-to for a sunny day. Not only is it calming, but it could quickly add some brightness to your day with its lighthearted musicality.

2. “Disciples” by Tame Impala

While Tame Impala’s music isn’t always known to be fit for a summertime playlist, “Disciples” is definitely an exception. The catchy vocal melodies and bright guitar riff are instant mood boosters, making this song perfect for your poolside soundtrack.

3. “Cool Blue” by The Japanese House

The Japanese House, a musical act consisting only of Amber Bain, never fails to create serene tracks filled with gentle melodies. “Cool Blue” is, without a doubt, a great example of that with Bain’s vocoder vocals. There’s no doubt that this one would be a flawless addition to a road trip playlist.

4. “Violet” by Hippo Campus

It’s almost as if the upbeat and contagious guitar riff on this Hippo Campus track was made with warm, sunny days kept in mind. The high spirits in lead singer Jake Luppen’s strong vocals, especially in the chorus and bridge, are reminiscent of the joy of mid-July early afternoons.

5. “Do You Remember (The Other Half of 23)” by The Maine

Album art for “Lovely Little Lonely” by The Maine

How could this loud and nostalgic track not make this list? Not only does the instrumentality capture the energy of a classic summer hit, but the lyrics focus on bittersweet reminiscence on past times with close friends. That sounds like a perfect candidate for your next favorite summertime soundtrack.

6. “Malibu 1992” by COIN

Though it is yet another song with lyrics singing of past summers and achy nostalgia, “Malibu 1992” is undeniably soothing. This fantastic, mellow tune would serve as a nice background track for the next day you spend at the beach, or even by the pool.

7. “Stuck” by The Aces

Anyone who has listened to The Aces would know that this four-piece always delivers colorful riffs with every guitar-driven track that they deliver. “Stuck” consists of captivating rhythms and vocal melodies that’ll have you tapping your foot. What else would you want in a song fit for your summer vacation?

8. “Bros” by Wolf Alice

The next time you’re out running around and having fun with your close friends, you may want to make sure “Bros” is playing somewhere in the background. This song captures the highs and lows of friendships over glistening, fast-paced guitar and drums, and could make your summer days that much more euphoric.