How to Raise Your Grades from C’s to A’s, by simply moving

Liv Hawkins , Staff Writer

Many students often get bored, tired, or feel mentally strained after sitting in class all day. Sometimes it’s hard to wake up mentally during morning class or at the end of the day after you’ve been working all day. It is especially hard to find energy for yourself if all you have been doing is sitting down. It has been discovered through researched that movement that can help benefit students’ learning process in a multitude of ways. If you’re a student, you will be very happy to learn that taking walks throughout the day, or moving your body is very beneficial for your education. If you’re a teacher, you may want to try involving some more physical activity in your class to see a potential improvement in students’ grades or attitude. Here are a few reasons taking breaks throughout the school day helps develop better brain function.


Of course everyone’s situation is different, and will not get the same benefits or reactions as others, but any increase in brain function is a positive thing and is very important for expanding students’ knowledge. According to Kids in Transition to School, physical movement can help the brain cause changes in neurotransmitters which help carry messages and make new learning paths. Also, it can increase the amount of oxygen to the brain, which will help build structures. People who are more physically fit have different patterns of blood flow to the brain than those who are not as physically fit. These reasons are just a few for why moving throughout the day are important for building important brain functions and intelligence.


Younger children tend to move more in the classroom than students at the high school level. It is most likely assumed exercise is something students at the high school level don’t need anymore to be able to fully engage in the teacher’s lesson. However an exception to this, according to BBC, in a article entitled Is 25 the new cut-off point for adulthood?,” stated that the human brain does not start developing until mid 20’s or early 30’s. So why should physical activity that supports brain development end in elementary school? The curriculum becomes much harder, and things like stress can only become larger distractions.

In all, movement or walks at the high school level should be reintroduced to help benefit the growth of young teens’ brains. High school is the beginning of advanced education. Physical activity can increase students attitude by releasing endorphins, which can relieve pain or stress, helping aide in the stressful life of high school (Healthline). So what better reasons should there be for teachers to allow students breaks in between lessons to help them relieve stress, increase their attention span, and continue to grow their brains into college?