Time to get Ready for the New Year!

December 13, 2018

We usually see December as the last month of the year, the month of multiple holidays. But someone could also see December as the month of preparing for the new year.

As we know, every New Years is followed with resolutions people make and follow for only a month until they lose all motivation. But if you follow these tips a month ahead of the New Year, you can have a great start to the year.


  • Remember and reflect


Look back at the memories of this year. Think of the good and bad highlights. What exactly happened and why did they happen? Was it because of your attitude or forces beyond your reach? As you look back at your year, what events did you cause yourself? You might be surprised at yourself as you look deeper.


  • Clean!


Yes, you read that right. Doing a deep clean can leave you refreshed for anything or anyone coming down your way later in the future. A good way to complete this is to organize each room/area of your living space to a different day so you’re not overwhelmed. For that day, go through everything in that area and see if you want to bring it with you in the next year of your life.


  • Set your intentions


Now, before you start making your New Year’s resolutions, be realistic and only make a few. Remember, your whole life cannot change overnight and it’s easier to take steps as you go. Another thing to keep in mind is that it’s much easier to make a goal long term rather short term, such as a month compared to a year. One example that encompesses this is simply the goal of trying to eat healthy 75% of the time by the end of the year. One step to reach that goal is to make sure you eat at least one type of a nutritious meal every day. Once you master that step, you can make a challenge for yourself and go up from there.

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