A Star Is Born Review

Liv Hawkins, Staff Writer

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A Star Is Born


The happiest, most saddest movie I have ever seen


Popular singer and musician Jackson Maine, played by Bradley Cooper falls in love with a fellow musician Ally Campana, played by Lady Gaga.


Cooper’s character meets Campana while she is performing at a bar, and he is amazed by her impeccable voice. Maine talks to her after her performance and they end up going out and having deep conversations with each other. Campana learns that while Maine may be a famous musician, he is in fact is a semi-normal guy that struggles with an alcohol and drug problem. Maine invites Campana to one of his concerts, and she is hesitant at first. Eventually, Campana ends up giving in and going to the concert, to end up performing one of her songs with Maine in front of thousands of people. Campana quickly pops up all over the internet with videos of her singing, leaving people amazed. She goes on tour with Maine, performing songs at his concerts, and building their relationship with each other.


All the music in the movie is original. In an interview with Ellen, Cooper talks about how much respect he now has for singers. He says he had to practice singing through the longer verses without getting winded. Cooper’s singing shocked everyone and myself. Not only can he act and has the looks, but now he can sing?! Ladies’ standards just got way higher, sorry boys. The movie’s song “Shallow” got in Spotify’s Top 20 Hits Playlist, proving how incredible Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga’s voices are when they come together. What amazed me the most is Lady Gaga’s performance in the beginning of the film, when she sings a song in french called “La Vie En Rose.” It was incredibly unique in a refreshing way and was shocking to hear what she can do with her voice. It gave me goosebumps and a desire to become fluent in the language.


A Star is Born makes you want to live the experiences of Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga’s characters, and wish you never watched the movie. The co-stars feelings for each other on camera are incredible at making you feel what they feel. When Main and Campana are in the honeymoon stage of their relationship, it makes you smile and wish you had a famous singer boyfriend. When the movie is toward the end, it makes you thankful for all the people you have around you and inspires you to reflect on what you would do without them. At the end of the movie, there is a dramatic, unexpected tragedy (if you did not see the first two), and I, along with everyone else in the theatre, was balling my eyes out at the end of the movie.


If you do not have anything to do over the weekend, I highly recommend going to your closest movie theater to check out A Star Is Born;  which is filled with inspiration, humor, and heartache. If you go to see A Star Is Born, do not forget to bring tissues.