Being Organized is Easier than You Thought

Have you ever wished to be more organized as a person? To become that person that has everything written in their planner and knows exactly where everything is ? Well, these are three habits you can form to overall reach that goal.

  1. Look into minimalism: This is not really a habit but it can be a good investment of your time. When you look into your stuff and only keep what you need or have personal importance to, it can be less of a chore to organize, according to an article on A Fresh Start On A Budget. Since you have only kept what brings you joy or need, that means less stuff in general to keep track of and go through in the future.
  2. Devote a time: Spending as little as ten minutes a week to go through and declutter something simple like your backpack/purse or desk can help you keep organized throughout the week. “Stuff does not stay organized on its own; it needs to reorganized continuously and consistently,” as stated by Zachary Domes in Lifehack. “Identify a time that works for you. Set a timer and spend your time putting things away, tidying, and making your space look the way you want it.”
  3. Put things away right after: If you do not clean up after yourself when you are done with a task, like leaving unclean dishes at the sink after cooking, you should unwind yourself from that habit. Cleaning your mess after an activity leaves less clutter, which means less overall cleaning to do later. At first it might seem annoying and exhausting, but it is well worth it as you saves you more time later on.

     As a bonus, here is a tip that you should know when trying to better yourself at organizing. You can only reach your best, not someone else’s. Do not compare yourself to someone who seems to be better than you are. Becoming an organized human being takes time. No matter what obstacle you are in this journey, you will get through it and learn something new.