How To Be Single And Have The Best Valentines Day!

Don't be sad and bored on Valentines Day, go out and have an adventure!

Kailey Pickering, Senior Staff Writer

Between the chocolate hearts, bundles of roses, and couples all over each other, Valentine’s Day can tend to be irritating when you are single. But why have another boring, sulking Valentine’s Day when you could make it a fun night? Here are some ways to make your Valentine’s Day just as great as your friend and her boyfriend’s.

Go Out With Friends!

Instead of sitting at home and brooding, grab a few friends and go out on and adventure! Whether that is seeing a movie, going shopping, or even going to an ice rink, you will share a thousand laughs and make a million valuable memories with your girls or guys. This a good way to unwind and just have fun instead of worrying about the dozens of thoughts to stress over.

Just Stay In!

Orrrrrr… you could do the exact opposite and have a relaxing night in! There is nothing wrong with having a soothing night to yourself. You could watch Netflix, eat ice cream and chocolate, paint your nails. You could even invite a few friends and make the most of it. Extreme adventures are always fun but low key nights are also necessary!


Usually, around Valentine’s Day, there are always a lot of good movies playing that are worth seeing. Go see a great movie and be lost in the enchanting world of cinema! Grab some popcorn and soda and get lost in a movie like “The Greatest Showman”!


Music really does have quite an amazing power. You can become lost in an entirely new world with only a click of a button and a pair earphones. All of your worries will wash away with few chords and lyrics. You could jam to your favorite songs in your room or even go to a concert!


Reading is one of the best things on this entire planet. This Valentine’s Day, curl up with your favorite book and travel to a majestic land where anything could happen. Especially if the weather is bad, make a cup of hot cocoa and dive into your favorite book!

There are really an infinite amount of ways to make your single Valentine’s Day a great one, so try something new!