The Recurrence of Trends is Simply Groovy

As the decades spin on, time repeats itself as older trends resurface.


Isabelle Spetalieri, Staff Writer

Erie High School is home to a large array of different personalities, all who experiment with unique style and trends. From the recurrence of scrunchies, ‘mom’ jeans, and flared pants, to older trends, like short bobs, women suits, track pants, and denim, since the 2000’s and even earlier, older trends have come back into new generations of teens and adults. Other trends including high-necked shirts, neon accents, bangs, piercings and pixie cuts have come back into style, at some point as well.

A lot of trends have come back because the designers look back on the old trends that worked in their time bring them back to refresh the modern clothing trends. Another way that old trends come back is with the attempt to change the current mainstream look to attract popular trend-setters who seek a unique look.

When asked what she thinks about the changes and recurrences of onset trends, trendsetter Ashley Bedore comments, “I think it is really cool that we can bring back trends that maybe our parents wore in high school. For example, I wear mom jeans just like my mom did in the eighties.”

Bedore says, “I feel like trends from the 80’s and 70’s are super glamorized because we think they are cool and vintage. When we bring them back, we put our own modern twist to them, creating something bridged between the new and old.”

Throughout the decades, trends in America have changed drastically, from the wispy and original looks of the early 1900s, to the sharp and idiosyncratic trends of the 1980s-2000s. The classical wardrobe of early America consisted flamboyant hats and modest clothing, and such style is coming back into the modern age.

Kailey Pickering, a unique personality of Erie High, gives her opinion of the trends within Erie High School: “I think it is cool, because we have a bunch of different types of people, and each person and group has their own type of trend; some people are colorful and wear flannels, while some like to dress fancier, with skirts and dresses, and others have a hipster vibe: cute, and eccentric, with unexpected style.”

The recurrence of old trends gives newer generations the opportunity to express themselves using a plethora of different looks, all unique and special to each individual person, as they bring out the best of each vibe, perfecting their own personal style.