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Top 10 Alluring Places Around The World

10 places you have never heard of, but wish you had

Emma Sanders, Copy Editor

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There are many beautiful places around the world that attract astonishing numbers of people, and many of us would like to visit them one day, but what about all of the magical places you never even knew existed? Here is a countdown of the top 10 most alluring places around the world you probably have never thought about.

10) Reynisfjara, Iceland:
Located on the South Coast of Iceland, leading into the Atlantic Ocean, Reynisfjara is one of many black sand beaches in the country. These beaches are not made of sand, but rather are the result of basaltic lava which cooled once it came into contact with the water. Reynisfjara is also a global attraction for its grand hexagonal basalt sea columns, also called Reynisdrangar. Reynisfjara is known for its powerful waves, which should be approached with caution, and enjoys a subpolar seasonal climate. Reynisfjara is home to stunning natural creations, and is a fantastic place that has yet to endure the havoc of commercial tourism.

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9) Prague, Czech Republic:
Prague is a hub for architecture, and is a combination of traditional class and contemporary influence, exhibited by a wall of contemporary graffiti dedicated to John Lennon in the center of the city. Prague is a city of the arts, and home the Dancing House, one of the first pieces of modern architecture in the city, inspired by iconic dance duo Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire. Prague is most well known for its captivating architecture, which includes styles of the Neo-Baroque, Neo-Gothic, and Romanesque eras. Prague is a great place for anyone with a taste for the arts, or an appreciation of classic and modern twists of beauty.

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8) Cape Agulhas:
Cape Agulhas is located on the Southern tip of Africa, and is the divide between the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. Cape Agulhas is unique since the Atlantic and Indian Oceans meet, but do not mix. This distinct separation stays intact since the dominant current in the area is the Antarctic Circumpolar current, which flows West to East, keeping the waves of the Indian Ocean from crossing into the waves of the Atlantic Ocean. So, the main current interaction occurs between the Indian Ocean and the Antarctic Circumpolar current. This Ocean divide is a spectacular natural wonder of Earth, and a wonder of which too few people are aware.

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Digital Image

7) Waitomo Caves, New Zealand:
The Waitomo Caves are special because of their hypnotizing glow, which comes from the Arachnocampa Luminosa, or glow worms that inhabit the caves. The Waitomo Caves were discovered near the end of the eighteenth century, by Māori Chief Tane Tinorau. The caves are decorated by Stalagmites and Stalactite, which are natural Limestone crystal deposits formed by water that drips from the roof of the cave, or trickles down the side of a wall. The Waitomo Caves are barely recognized by the public eye, which makes them a secret wonderland untouched by the ruin of tourism.

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6) Prambanan, Indonesia:
Prambanan is an eighth century Hindu temple constructed in six years by the Mataram Kingdom, only to be abandoned in the sixteenth century. Prambanan is a dedication to Trimurti, the Hindu equivalent of the Trinity, comprised of the Hindu Gods Shiva the destroyer, Brahma the creator, and Vishnu the preserver. Prambanan is a massive collection of 240 temples, many of which are still intact. Prambanan is an ancient beauty, free from the confines of time, and is a soulful place for any nomad.

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5) Yangtze River, China:
At 3,915 miles long, the Yangtze River is the longest river in Asia, and the third longest river in the world. The Yangtze River is come to many exotic animals, including Alligators, Dolphins, Turtles, and Salamanders. The Yangtze River has been the origin of more cities than any other river in the world, and runs through the Chinese provinces of Qinghai, Tibet, Sichuan, Yunnan, Chongqing, Hubei, Hunan, Jiangxi, Anhui, and Jiangsu. The Yangtze River is not a spot for commercial tourism, but observes prevalent water traffic. The Yangtze River is a gorgeous destination for anyone who wants to enjoy the wildlife, natural beauty, and hustle and bustle of foreign soil.

Teresa Machan
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4) Chiang Mai, Thailand:
The festive city of Chiang Mai was founded in the year 1296, but is by no measure outdated. Chiang Mai is home to the Yi Peng Festival, or Festival of Lights, which is held on the full moon of the second month of the Lanna Calendar. The Yi Peng Festival was originally created to show respect to Buddha, and resulted in an annual tradition. Good luck wishes and prayers are attached to the paper lanterns, which are all released at the same time after nightfall. Countries all around the world have mimicked the Chiang Mai lantern release, but none with the joy and mesmerization of the Yi Peng Festival.

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Digital Image

3) Samarkand, Uzbekistan:
The city of Samarkand is located on the Silk Road, and is primarily comprised of Mosques and Mausoleums. Samarkand was founded in the seventeenth century, making it older than Rome. While the country of Uzbekistan is often overshadowed by the chaos and tragedy of its surrounding countries, Samarkand was one of the original ancient hubs for architecture. Many of the structures in Samarkand are Turko-Mongol influenced, and there is a prevalence of gold in architectural decoration. The structures in Samarkand display a simple elegance, combined with vibrantly colored geometric patterns. Samarkand is a striking travel destination that provides the traveler with a swirl of ancient cultures, and hypnotizing artistic combinations.

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2) Lake Baikal, Russia:
Lake Baikal is the oldest and deepest lake on Earth, at an impressive 12,977 meters deep, and possesses the purest freshwater on the planet. Approximately 544 different water sources flow into Lake Baikal, which is located in the region of Siberia, north of the Mongolian Border. About 100 gas volcanoes can be found in Lake Baikal, but despite all these incredible facts, the thing that makes Lake Baikal unique is the abundance of tiny bubbles that can be seen frozen in the water. These bubbles are the result of Methane gas, produced by Algae in the water. When the Methane bubbles freeze, they turn into Methane Hydrate, also called fire ice, because Methane Hydrate bubbles will burn if they come into contact with fire. Lake Baikal is a unique and thoughtful place for any world traveler.

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1) Chile Chico, Chile:
Chile Chico is home to the entrancing Marble Caves of Chile. These caves are located in the region of Patagonia, and are surrounded by the General Carrera Lake. The Marble Caves were created 6,000 years ago through wave erosion, which created large indentations in the solid walls of marble. The colors of the Marble Caves are consistently white, gray, and blue, with an occasional pink tint. The Marble Caves are majestic, and are a fairly well kept secret by the inhabitants of Chile and Argentina. This is a travel destination that would be impossible to forget!

Javier Vieras
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These places are great locations to travel to, and have many appealing aspects of art, history, and environment. All of these places and more are worthy travel destinations for any excursionist!

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  1. Hannah Goldman on January 9th, 2018 10:31 am

    Emma, I love your introduction and conclusion! The introduction was so compelling and encouraged me to read on. The conclusion was a great way to tie the story up and it wanted me to read more! Your writing style was so organized and compelling. My only suggestion is to add a location in America so it is closer to home and people are more likely to travel there! The story is amazing! My favorite thing is all of the photos because I get to see it without going there and it also matches your description so there is a visual while you read through. Amazing story!


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