Teens With Wings Adopt a Family

Erie’s Teens With Wings is doing an amazing fundraiser this holiday season.

Madison Hays and Hannah Goldman

We are in the final stretch of school, approaching the end of the last three weeks until winter break. With the holidays just around the corner, now is the time to start acting upon our moral values, and giving back to our community. Teens With Wings (TWW) has given the chance for everyone in the High School to make a difference.

Russell Fox, teacher, and one of the leaders of TWW, explained that TWW “Is a group that meets every monday, we eat lunch together, and we think of ways we can improve our school and improve our community.”

The TWW club values making out school and community a better place for everyone, and doing it anonymously. They have a mission of spreading positivity throughout Erie. TWW is providing an amazing opportunity to all of us all, a chance to give back.

Julie Singh, librarian at Erie High School explains the TWW fundraiser, “Teens With Wings teams up with the Erie Optimist Club and does a deal called Operation Santa. With this, we get families in need to produce a wishlist.”

The Erie Tigers then raise money to make the Christmas of one family in need magical. The TWW take the donated money and go shopping for gifts to give to the family, then they wrap the gifts. December 17, the Sunday before Christmas, the family receives the gifts from Optimist Club’s santa and elfs.
One of the great things about this fundraiser is that you do not have to be a part of TWW to participate. Anyone can donate money, spread the word to their friends, or join TWW.

There are currently 25 envelopes roaming around the school with “Adopt a Family” written on it. These envelopes hold a chance for you to donate a some money, give back to your community and to make a special day for a family. The money you donate will help make a Christmas magical for a family of six in Erie, our very own town.

Morgan Walje
One of the 25 envelopes roaming the school waiting available for donations.


If you can not find the envelopes in the crowded hallways, there is no need to fear. You can give your money to Ms. Singh, Mr. Fox, Mrs. Fox, or Mrs. Von, and they will insure that the money goes straight to TWW.

The goal for the TWW fundraiser is to raise at least 500 dollars. In recent years, TWW has raised up to 2,000 dollars.
By donating the extra change you have in your pocket, or even a single dollar, you are helping an entire family to have a merry Christmas.

“It is really nice for families that are not able to get gifts for any holiday. The fact that children do not choose where they are born, and where they get money or if they have money – the least we could do is for this group of kids to get what they would like for a special holiday for one year,” articulates Singh.

Doing this fundraiser makes our growing town have more smiles on the biggest holiday of the year, along with learning that giving is better than receiving, amongst other moral lessons.

“The value of charity,” says Fox “Being able to make a really nice holiday for a family and bringing them closer together. If we can make a great day for six people that is incredible.”
With your help, together Erie Tigers can make a difference in the Erie community. This fundraiser with later mean the world to a family. On this upcoming Christmas morning, there will be additional faces lit up with joy looking at the amazing gifts they received. Help us make a difference!