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The Astronaut Out of This World

Astronaut Jack Fischer recently visited Erie High School, and here is all you need to know.

Hannah Goldman, Staff Writer

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Recently, many EHS students had the opportunity to meet Astronaut Jack Fischer. However, for those of us not lucky enough to see him, allow me to fill you in.

Fischer had an once in a lifetime opportunity, one many of us dream of; to venture into space. Fischer’s astronaut story began when he was a child. Fischer remembers that “When I was six I went down to Houston to visit my grandpa, and he worked at Johnson Space Center and when I was there, I saw those big ole rockets and I really fell in love. So that is where it all got started.”

After a two and a half year training, Fischer was finally launched into space, which was his lifelong dream. This experience could not have been better for Fischer; everything was out of this world!

“I loved the view, I loved playing with my food, I loved floating around, it was all so fun. I guess the feeling of everyday getting up and knowing that the science you are working on could change humanity. You know and it is not what we were doing, but the last part in that long chain that is making those Earth shattering discoveries and just being a part of that team really lit my fire,” explained Fischer.

Travelling the world is something that is a dream for some people. Well, Fischer was able to travel the world every 90 minutes for five months. He recalled that every time he passed over a spot, it would be different than the time before.

Going into space can change your perspective. Fischer explained that you never can really understand how large the universe is, until going into space. Now, Fischer feels a lot smaller, and a lot more confident that there are other life forms in the universe.

While on his mission, Fischer had the opportunity to do many science experiments. His absolute favorite was the cancer drug experiment. “It is going after cancer cells, kind of like a smart bomb. Instead of dropping a nuke in your body like normal chemotherapy, this goes after the actual bad stuff, takes care of it and leaves the healthy stuff,” articulated Fischer.

@astro2fish on Instagram
Astronaut Jack Fischer wearing a space suit created with paintings made by children fighting cancer all around the world

Fischer’s mission was not just science experiments all day everyday – he had the opportunity to go on spacewalks. Fischer added that “The view was just so incredible and so mind blowing that I had to compartmentalize how amazing it was in order to do my job. Or otherwise I would sit there and start slobbering and the slobber would float around and hit me in the face.”

In addition to the spacewalks, Fischer would pass the time by watching movies, floating around, exercising, playing with his food, and putting sriracha sauce on all of the astronaut food.

Inevitably, Fischer’s once and a lifetime experience had to end. After his well earned five months were up, Fischer returned  back to his home on Earth. Fischer recalled that the worst part about returning home was the impact of gravity. Of course, he missed his family during the five months. When asked if he would return to space, Fischer enthusiastically answered that he would return to space in a heartbeat. Also, if he had the opportunity, Fischer would go to Mars so he can benefit future generations of humans.

Fischer advises aspiring astronauts to find their passion, dares everyone to dream.

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